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Posted on Jul 13, 2006 in News

Interview with Teleflex Medical about the Hybrid Mask

By Tracy Nasca

Teleflex Medical recently launched a new CPAP interface during the Sleep 2006 Show in Salt Lake City, Utah . It was at the Sleep Show that I was able to catch up with Whitney Reynolds, Respiratory Marketing Manager, for Teleflex Medical and learn more about the new Hybrid interface.

Tracy Nasca: I understand you’ve just launched a new CPAP mask, the Hybrid. Tell me more about it.

Whitney Reynolds: The Hybrid interface is a unique fusion of technologies, designed to be a universal interface for both patients and providers. The Hybrid is a dual-airway interface that consists of an oral cushion that covers the mouth and two nasal pillows that fit into the patients nostrils. This proprietary design simultaneously addresses two common concerns with CPAP therapy: patient comfort and oral leaks.

Tracy Nasca: How does the Hybrid improve patient comfort?

Whitney Reynolds: The Hybrid limits the points of contact on the patient’s face. As you can see with the design, the mask does not contact the bridge of the nose or rest on the forehead. As a result, the patient can wear glasses, air-leaks in the patient’s eyes are eliminated and the skin breakdown on the bridge of the nose is no longer a concern. In addition, the feeling of claustrophobia that some patients may feel with traditional masks is reduced.

Tracy Nasca: Does the Hybrid eliminate mouth leaks?

Whitney Reynolds: Because the Hybrid is a dual-airway mask, delivering therapy through both the nasal and oral cavities, it is the optimal choice for patients who are obligatory mouth breathers or occasional mouth leakers. The Hybrid features a built-in chin flap that gently supports the chin ensuring that the mouth does not fall agape during therapy, eliminating the need for a chin strap.

Tracy Nasca: You mentioned before that the Hybrid is a universal interface. Does that mean that the Hybrid is meant for all patients?

Whitney Reynolds: In market surveys we found that both clinicians and patients identified oral leaks as one of the most difficult side effects encountered during CPAP therapy. Because the Hybrid is the only dual-airway design that addresses oral leaks, while at the same time increasing patient comfort, we feel that this will be the mask of choice for a wide range of CPAP patients. In addition, the design of the Hybrid allows the patient to fully customize the interface to fit their individual needs.

Tracy Nasca: What do you mean by “customize the fit”?

Whitney Reynolds: The Hybrid Complete System comes packaged with three nasal pillows and three oral cushions, all of which are interchangeable. In addition the Hybrid pillows are adjustable for both height and positioning in the nostril. The high-quality headgear has five points of adjustability and buckles for quick connect and disconnect. Our design goal was to fit every patient right out of the box and eliminate the need to order costly replacements because the first interface you ordered was the wrong size.

Tracy Nasca: What makes the Hybrid different from other masks on the market today?

Whitney Reynolds: The Hybrid is the only interface on the market today that simultaneously addresses the two most common CPAP complaints: patient comfort and oral leaks. There are full face masks on the market that are intended for mouth breathers, but because they have multiple points of contact on the face, across the bridge of the nose and on the forehead, they are uncomfortable for the patient. There are nasal pillow devices available that eliminate these pressure points, but they have to be used with an uncomfortable chin strap that leaves unsightly marks on the patients face.

Tracy Nasca: Did you do any clinical evaluations of the Hybrid prior to launch? If so, what was the feedback?

Whitney Reynolds: The development of the Hybrid involved several voices of the customer interviews involving patients, sleep lab therapists and physicians. We found out what the customer wanted and designed a product to fit their needs. Dr. Natalio J. Chediak of the Boca Raton Sleep Center conducted several sleep studies with the Hybrid and had this to say:

“Oral leaks are one of the most difficult side effects one encounters during the therapeutic sleep study (as reported by many technologists) but an ongoing problem on follow up visits in the clinic for the life span of the patient… Our technologist and patients found fitting the Hybrid to be a simple task and with the different nasal inserts and oral cushion sizes makes this mask versatile in its application and use at home. Additionally, the Hybrid brings a totally new mask fit with unobstructed view so patients can read before bedtime and eliminate any of the forehead, bridge of the nose abrasions that one see with traditional Full Face Masks. In summary the Hybrid is like a “BREATH OF FRESH AIR” to the meaning of FFM options.”

Tracy Nasca: Can the Hybrid be used with bi-level units and auto titrating devices?

Whitney Reynolds: Yes.

Tracy Nasca: Can the Hybrid be used with humidification?

Whitney Reynolds: Yes.

Tracy Nasca: Can the Hybrid be used with other manufacturers CPAP devices?

Whitney Reynolds: Yes. The Hybrid truly is a universal interface allowing for it to be used with all CPAP devices.

Tracy Nasca: How does the leak rate for the Hybrid compare to other masks?

Whitney Reynolds: Because the Hybrid eliminates the multiple pressure points common to full face masks, the leak rates will be reduced. The double membrane seal on the oral cushion also puts the air to work, ensuring a good seal and minimal leakage. Also, the built in chin flap and dual-airway design will address oral leaks.

Tracy Nasca: When a customer orders a Hybrid interface, what do they receive?

Whitney Reynolds: Each Hybrid Complete System comes packaged in a nylon carrying case and contains all of the components required to properly size a patient: mask shell, swivel coupling, headgear, three sizes of oral cushions and three sizes of nasal pillows. The complete system also contains an Instructional CD and a User’s Guide.

Tracy Nasca: How does a patient or provider determine what size interface to use?

Whitney Reynolds: The sizing and fitting of the Hybrid is a simple process. Each Hybrid Complete System is packaged with an instructional CD that gives tips and sizing and fitting the itnerface. The system contains all sizes of oral cushions and pillows, making it easy to try the individual sizes to find the best possible fit.

Tracy Nasca: Are the Hybrid parts sold separately?

Whitney Reynolds: Yes, the cushions, pillows and headgear are all sold separately. Please see the ordering information below:

HYB500 – Hybrid Complete System (all sizes included)
HYB511 – Oral Cushion (Small)
HYB513 – Oral Cushion (Med)
HYB513 – Oral Cushion (Large)
HYB521 – Nasal Pillows (Small)
HYB523 – Nasal Pillows (Med)
HYB525 – Nasal Pillows (Large)
HYB530 – Headgear

Tracy Nasca: Is the Hybrid available to order?

Whitney Reynolds: Yes, it can be purchased from a variety of different channels including For additional ordering information, please visit or

Tracy Nasca: Who is Teleflex Medical?

Whitney Reynolds: Although Teleflex Medical is new to the sleep therapy market we are no stranger to helping patient’s breathe easier. Hudson RCI, a division of Teleflex Medical, has been supplying superior respiratory and anesthesia products to the healthcare community for over sixty years. Today Teleflex Medical is a global supplier of medical devices, surgical instruments, and disposable medical products. The Hybrid joins Teleflex Medicals existing family of Nasal-Aire™ II sleep therapy interfaces. The Nasal Aire II features an innovative design that looks, wears, and feels like an oversized oxygen cannula. The product is available in standard and petite sizes, making it suitable for a wide range of patients.

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