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Nasal-Aire Classic

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The InnoMed Technologies original Nasal-Aire® interface is designed to work with CPAP, bi-level and Auto Titration devices. This revolutionary design involves no bulky headgear or straps, can be worn over the ears or down on the chest, and is designed for the ultimate in patient comfort and convenience. The Nasal-Aire® wears like an oxygen cannula and cleans easily with soap and water.

  • Ergonomically designed to fit any face with no leaks
  • Virtually eliminates all pressure points on the face
  • Five sizes allow therapists to fit the most difficult patient
  • Extremely soft and comfortable to wear
  • Promotes greater patient compliance

The Nasal-Air® Classic is available through prescription only

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Brazell H. Carter, M.D.

Testimonials smallerAs a practicing internist I have had the opportunity to work with a number of patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.  One of the major problems has been the cumbersome headgear and face masks which often leak and make patient compliance poor due to discomfort.  I was delighted to have been introduced to the Nasal Aire interface which more than solves the problems of earlier technology.  I have little doubt that this device will significantly improve the treatment of sleep apnea and produce positive results not previously seen in this challenging disorder.

Kenneth Rotskoff MD, DDS

Testimonials smallerI have seen Nasal Aire sleep apnea device for the treatment of sleep apnea and I have been involved in the development of the patient information for using this device. I am pleased to see the Nasal Aire interface finally available for sleep apnea patients. I feel that the Nasal Aire interface will significantly increase patient compliance, comfort, and result in improved treatment for those who require C-pap for the treatment of sleep apnea. In my professional opinion, I feel that patients will greatly benefit from the use of the Nasal Aire and benefit from its technology.

Bob Coli, MD

Testimonials smallerPulmonary medicine specialists in Rhode Island who have seen and are starting to use the Nasal Aire interface already describe it to me as a major breakthrough for almost all of their patients with obstructive sleep apnea.

Compared to all existing interfaces used in the medical treatment of this intractable chronic condition, I believe that this lightweight and very comfortable device is a groundbreaking innovation that will be welcomed by the great majority of patients with obstructive sleep apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and even the approximately 35% of congestive heart failure (CHF) patients with obstructive sleep apnea, a rate that is six to seven times higher than that seen in the general population.

Compared to face mask-based CPAP and BIPAP devices, "nasal pillows" and customized mouth retainers costing $800 or more, the design of the Nasal Aire device significantly improves patient compliance and can positively influence clinical outcomes. Because of its efficacy and cost-effectiveness, I believe it will also be welcomed by third party payers who must supply durably medical equipment to their members.

I would be happy to provide additional clinical details at any convenient time.

Paul A. Tucker, M.D.

Testimonials smallerThis fall we used the Nasal Aire device on a patient of mine with severe obstructive sleep apnea, biventricular congestive heart failure, and morbid obesity. This patient was previously noncompliant with previous CPAP devices, and required multiple hospitalizations. To date, the Nasal Aire device has made a significant impact on his overall health, with improvement in his sleep apnea episodes, and has made his heart failure easier to control. His compliance is significantly greater. This is a great product!

Juan Cevallos. M.D. FCCP

Testimonials smallerIt is with great interest that I read the bulletin. I am now one of the most emphatic believers in this new interface. I run two sleep labs in this area, and continuously change patients to the Nasal Aire. My skepticism has vanished and I even use it for high pressure BIPAP of 20/16! The patients love it. The potential for this interface is enormous. I will be going to Madrid, Spain in November. Would you put me in contact with your European sales team? I would love to share our experience with some members of the sleep community in Spain. I am on your advisory board.