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Nasal-Aire II

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Introducing the second generation of the CPAP interface, the Nasal-Aire II®. The new unit shares many of the comfort and compliance benefits of the original Nasal-Aire®, adding improved performance and a reduction in sound level. Nasal-Aire® II is sold with all six sizes for easy fitting and includes optional headgear for stability. A new sizing gauge is available for easy and accurate fitting.

Contact your local distributor or homecare dealer for product pricing. The Nasal-Aire II®
 is available through prescription only.

  • No uncomfortable pressure points on the face.
  • User can sleep in any position.
  • Virtually leak-free -- does not chill the nose.
  • Promotes patient compliance.
  • Built-in swivel.
  • Minimal parts; easy to assemble and clean.
  • 6 sizes in one package: X-Small, Small, Medium, Medium-Plus, Large, X-Large



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  • Comfort
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  • Parts
  • Head Strap
  • Chin Strap
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  • Head Strap
  • Tube Forward

Ross T. Goldberg, M.D

Testimonials smallerI have been using the NasalAire II mask connected to my CPAP unit for at least seven years now.  I am still amazed at how comfortable and effective it is.  I have a friend who is a respiratory therapist who specializes in sleep apnea.  Once in a while, she will tell me she has a new, great mask that I must try.  Just to be kind, I try the new masks and none of them provide the comfort and ease of use that the NasalAire II does.

I have not had a sleep test since I started using the NasalAire II, since I sleep so comfortably.  As a physician,  I knew that I should be retested to insure that my P02 is good and my pressures on the CPAP machine are adequate.

Rather than go to an office overnight for a complete sleep test, I used a pulse oximeter in the comfort of my home one night recently.  The recordings overnight demonstrated that my P02 remained above 95% the entire night during a restful sleep.  This confirmed my impression that the NasalAire II works more effectively for me than any other mask I have tried. 

The tight seal on my nostrils is completely effective so there are no air leaks and I do not wake up having to manipulate it.  The small footprint allows me to eat, drink, read, and watch TV without obstruction and without having to remove it.  Given all of the advantages of the NasalAire II, I cannot imagine why any patient with sleep apnea would use any other device.

Thank you again for developing this product and introducing me to it.  It has made a tremendous difference in my life.

Chris Speigner, RPSGT

Testimonials smallerAs a practicing technologist for the last twelve years I have seen the evolution of nasal CPAP masks. Now, I have witnessed a true revolution in the delivery of PAP pressure. The InnoMed Nasal Aire II is an outstanding example of comfort and convenience. As a technologist I know the importance of a good interface seal for the proper maintenance of the upper airway, but as a CPAP user for the past 2 years, I also realize the importance of comfort and ease of use.

I struggled with compliance, searching tirelessly for a comfortable interface that would allow me to sleep in multiple positions without leaking or causing discomfort. Mask after mask fell short. Some masks left my nose red and irritated while the headgear caused headaches. The Nasal Aire II is truly easy to wear and very comfortable to sleep with. It affords me a free range of motion and sleeping positions. Also, the stabilizing headgear is soft and versatile, allowing for customized fitment configurations. The Nasal Aire II has made it easy for me to become compliant and stay compliant. I would recommend anyone on PAP treatment give the Nasal Aire II a try.