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Utopia AV / NE

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Affordable, comfortable, quality. The Utopia® AV & NE masks are disposable full face masks designed for providing non-invasive ventilation, CPAP or pressure support therapy. The patented adjustable forehead brace promotes patient comfort and compliance. The Utopia disposable full face mask has a built-in chin flap providing an effective solution for mouth breathers. The Utopia ® AV features an anti-asphyxia-tion valve that allows for access to room air if pressure decreases. The Utopia NE incorporates all of the comfort and features of the Utopia ® AV, but eliminates the anti-asphyxiation valve, making it suitable for use with ventilators equipped with an active safety valve. Available in three sizes (small, medium, large).

  • Adjustable forehead brace reduces pressure on the bridge of the nose and provides a custom fit for each patient
  • Soft silicon cushion makes it comfortable for patients even for long-term therapy
  • Built-in chip flap eliminates need for chin strap
  • 360° rotating elbow with swivel allows clinician to select the most appropriate tube position
  • Anti-asphyxiation valve is a safety valve that automatically opens if the flow generator pressure fails, allowing the patient to breathe room air (for ICU ventilators, use the NE version)
  • Easy to use and comfortable headgear
  • 100% latex free
  • Single patient use

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